37 thoughts on “Welcome.

    • It is very nutritious! I go there with my kids as a great alternative to the typical burger and fries on the kids menus they normally eat. My Kids love the cuban sandwich and when they order the fruit on the side, it is actually a huge bowl of fresh fruit rather than the little bit of fruit you normally get at chain restaurants.

  1. I LOVED this restraunt. This restraunt has so many vegan options that my entire family enjoyed. The owner/waiter was very nice and attentive. Bring your non-vegan friends too because they have an original menu. We also loved the dessert we tried. It was vegan chocolate peanut butter cake. Great service and excellent food.

  2. We love these guys and their incredible vegan menu. We regularly drive up from Akron and always bring our out of town guests.

  3. Earth Bistro is our favorite place to eat out. We are impressed that everything is fresh and SO yummy! Great place for vegans and omnivores!

  4. You’ve got us coming back over and over again to experience all your vegan and meat options! Your guacamole is so creamy …everything so fresh and flavorful!! And what yummy desserts!! But what makes it is the chef’s delightful personality!! Thanks!! We’ll be back!! p.s. So much food, you’ll leave with left-overs!!

  5. This is a great place to eat. My girlfriend is vegan, but I’m not and it’s hard to find a place where we can both settle on. And the earth bistro had stuff for the both of us. Delicious food for both vegans and non vegans.

  6. Best food I have had in a long time! The waiter is so friendly I very much will be back again. So glad to have found it, I’m always disappointed going out to eat… No chance of that happening here! Amazing!

  7. Any idea on the timeline for your re-opening? We come into town 2x a year and we’re very excited to enjoy your food last visit. We were disappointed to see that you were closed but look forward to the new location. Namaste!

  8. This cafe was awesome!!!! My daughter and I were at Kent State on a college visit. We are from Louisville, KY. We had no idea where to eat in Cleveland, but we wanted to see Lake Erie. Being vegetarians, we looked online and found the perfect spot!!! The owner was fabulous!!!! He explained the menu and the vegan options in detail. The food was out of this world!!!!! It’s only 2 blocks from a wonderful scenic park on Lake Erie with a breathtaking view of downtown Cleveland. We shall return!!! Thanks for a perfect dining experience.

    (For whatever it’s worth, we’ve got Mitch in our crosshairs)

  9. are you able to make your waffles on a week day if I order them ahead of time? I am coming home from school break and wanted to try your waffles!

  10. Google has you as an organic restaurant, that will be opened on Thanksgiving? If that’s true will you have a special menu? Also, is your whole menu organic?

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