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11122 Clifton Blvd.

Cleveland, Ohio. 44102

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27 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Earth Bistro Cafe,
    I’m writing to ask if it would be possible to submit a resume for any future job opportunities. If so, may I email it or bring it in person?
    Thanks for your time!
    Mary Robles

  2. I see that many of your menu items are named after towns down the shore in New Jersey. Are you from Jersey? I was born and raised there and now live in Cleveland Heights.

  3. Awesome. When I was a child, my family and I used to go to Point Pleasant Beach every Thursday night in the summer to sit on the rocking chairs at Jenkinson’s and watch the fireworks over the ocean.

  4. NJ will always hold a special place in my heart, and I still have family there, but I’ve grown to love the Cleveland area. When retirement time comes around, we might want to move to a sunnier climate, but for now, we’re contented Clevelanders.

  5. No, but we’d like to swing by sometime soon to do so. We’re vegans and we like that your menu offers us multiple options.

  6. Hi! I have dined at Earth Bistro Cafe, before, and I really loved the food and the environment. I was wondering if I may be able to make a reservation for 10 on January 3, 2015. I am getting married in May and need a nice quiet spot with good food where we can get some planning done.

    1. Yes we can do that for you what time will you be here? How many people? Whats your telephone number and your name? You can call the restaurant if you want to. Thank you for choosing us.

      1. I am at work at the moment, so I will have to call later. But I can give you all of the information, now. There will be 10 people and I would like the reservation starting at 12:00pm. My name is Alicia and I will call later to give you my phone number. Thank you!! I’m really excited to introduce my friends and family to Earth Bistro Cafe.

  7. The menu sounds wonderful, but with all the GMO’s and genetically modified foods, are any of your menu items organic?

  8. Mike,
    Haven’t seen you in years. Patrick from Herb’s. Just moved back to the area. Looking forward to stopping in soon. Can’t wait!

  9. Are you guys going to do a vegan/vegetarian Thanksgiving again this year? I went to your place last year for this, and it was fantastic.

  10. Hi! I was wondering what your substitute is for the vegan ‘meat’ that doesn’t include the Inpossible Burger or the Beyond Burger? For example, chicken, sausage, ham, etc. I noticed that the whole breakfast menu could be made vegan, along with the rest of the regular menu as is stated on the website. Also, are any of these meat options gluten free? I know the Beyond Burger is. Lastly, is there any chance the pancakes are GF as well or could be made GF? Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Our vegan chicken is gluten free, beyond sausage is gluten free, also our bread is gluten free and vegan other than that nothing is gluten free in our breakfast menu.

  11. I was just looking on your site and the menu. My question is (and please forgive me if it a stupid one). Is everything vegan or vegetarian?). I saw the chicken codon Blu and I really loved that when I was non vegetarian, now that I am I would really love to have one. Thank so much for your time

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